API changelog


Removed ble_vend from Booking Integration Object, On Demand Integration Object descriptions Removed ble_vend from acceptable values for Capabilities


Addedd POST /account_verification_codes endpoint to v4 docs Addedd passwordless field to POST /v4/account endpoint Addedd section for Sing-In by Phone to authentication.


Added GET /bookings/:booking_id/tickets endpoint to v4 docs


Updated tickets endpoints to include information on dtc


Added on_street as a valid location type


Updated amenities


Added a times_tbd field to booking and event models to reflect events that have been indefinitely posponed but not cancelled or not yet scheduled


Added share_code to Booking Share


Added pricing_access_code to /v4/quotes/ request


Added an advisory around authentication all requests to /v4/ to prevent future issues with rate limiting or rejected anonymous requests


Added support for querying events in /v4/events/ using partner_event_id


Added support for querying by partner_event_id and displaying partner_event objects


Added type to location model.

2019-10-01 - Options can now be filtered

purchase_options, ondemand_options and non_bookable_options can now be filtered using the options object.

2019-09-23 - Added Cancellable Status model

Introduced Cancellable Status model. Added cancellable_status to booking purchase option models.

2019-05-07 - New fields in purchase options for price

** Additional fields in purchase options **

Purchase options now contain base_price as well as price. base_price represents the base parkng price, inclusive of any taxes but may exclude any convenience fees.

Additional three new fields were added to purchase options.

  • fees now contains a collection of fees that can be shown to the consumer.
  • display contains recommended display instructions for a single quote. This now contains an indicator on whether it is preferred to display the price or base_price to the consumer pre-purchase.

2019-01-22 - Added quote and location search playground

** Addition of Quote and Location search playground **

New interactive request/response playgrounds have been added to easily test search parameters for quotes and locations.

2019-01-14 - Added curation and suggested view

** Addition of Curation and Suggested View **

Two new returns have been added to assist in filtering options down to the most relevant choices. curated and suggested_view

curated when included will return a set of options in the envelope that includes one or more of the cheapest option, the closest option, and a recommended option. suggested_view when included will return a subset of the total results based on the search requested. The number of items included will vary by the search type and can be used to set an intial map view or list for the user to avoid showing too many options that may not be relevant.

2017-04-06 - API v4

** API v4 **

The following are detailed changes from v3_1 to v4.

v4: Breaking changes

Be sure to accommodate these changes in your client code when switching to v4.

  • The location id field, and location_id fields are now a string instead of an integer
  • Empty or nil fields may not be returned by the API even if explicitly requested.

v4: Non-breaking changes

Note: All of the following additions require a data license unless otherwise noted.

  • GET /locations to search by area
  • outline added to locations
  • GET /quotes can return non-bookable price quotes using the option_types request parameter (does not require data license)
  • Locations have capacity
  • Locations have hours (does not require data license)
  • Locations site_url may point to a BestParking site for non-bookable options
  • Locations have operating_hours
  • Locations have non_bookable_rates
  • Locations have phone (does not require data license)
  • Location entrances has max_dimensions (does not require data license)
  • Price Segments have an event object holding event info for that segment. Individual event_property fields have been removed (does not require data license)
Last updated March 11, 2024